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The association’s services include a lot of services and support in general, whether for individuals, families or companies, especially those who faced financial difficulties as a result of their commercial activities, as well as debt holders, loans, insurance companies, mortgages, drug addicts and victims of domestic violence as a result of debts.

Therefore the association provides many services,


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You will learn with us a comprehensive approach to increase and deepen your financial, commercial and social awareness to benefit from it in various areas of life in order to avoid the occurrence of financial and social crises in the future.




We put practical solutions after analyzing your financial and social problem and draw a clear and practical plan that can be implemented at the hands of professional specialists in many fields



Online - Offline

We offer a private consulting service, whether for individuals or companies, and help you clarify your current financial or social situation and how to improve it and get out of debt and financial and family crises and direct you to the right path

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