About Us

Who we are?

We are a non-profit organization created to provide support and awareness to individuals and groups and post-bankruptcy rehabilitation to financially distressed entrepreneurs, especially in the Middle East.

The association has been able to advise more than 40 interests on the subject of basic development and marketing plans for project management and special interests. Despite its importance, our future activities depend to a large extent on the contributions of individuals and groups.

We believe in Priority Association that we should build a developed society in terms of financial management to prevent incidents of clashes in the distant future.

Our vision is to be a source of knowledge and curiosity about financial education in educational activities In all sectors of society, from teenagers, students, families, spouses and entrepreneurs.

Financial education is a broad field that includes the ability to understand family management, how to deal with banks to build a solid foundation for determining future needs, and the impact of savings and investment on our future.

In our opinion, proper financial education includes the ability to develop financial intelligence and financial intelligence is not a word or number to read before bedtime content. It is the result of a continuous study of financial behavior at every stage of life.

Studies show that the environment in which you grow up has a significant impact on the way you perceive the world in the context of money.

Priorities Association believes that making the financial world accessible to different populations is a national task that requires an understanding and knowledge of all systems, the educational system and the business and economic system. We believe that the value of curiosity is more important than the transmission of knowledge.

Therefore, we have developed a variety of options that allow assimilation of the experience of participating in such workshops that neutralize fear from the topic and leave room for future curiosity.

Our Mission

What we can do?

  • Deepening Financial Awareness To Support Business Owners Who Have Fallen Into Debt

  • Rehabilitation Of Needy Families Who Fell Into Debt As A Result Of Commercial Activities.

  • Assistance With Legal Procedures And Business Recovery And Rehabilitation